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5-15-18- The Curious Case of Mary Ann Reviewed by Lewis Carroll Society Journal

The Curious Case of Mary Ann was honored to receive a favorable review in May 2018's Lewis Carroll Review, a journal publication of the Lewis Carroll Society. To read the review, check out pages 17 and 18 of the online journal here:

9-24-17- The Curious Case of Mary Ann Reviewed by Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews calls Jenn Thorson's Wonderland-inspired humorous fantasy, The Curious Case of Mary Ann, "a demented but internally consistent murder mystery" that "deftly captures Carroll's absurdity, wordplay and unsettling strangeness." To see the whole review, click here:

2-9-16- Free Download of Cards Against the GCU

From the author's recent trilogy celebration party came a tweaked version of Cards Against Humanity with items based on the There Goes the Galaxy series, jokingly called Cards Against the Greater Communicating Universe (GCU). Some readers expressed interest in wanting a copy. It's a Creative Commons license-- nobody's profiting on this and you can download it as long as you don't sell it. Consider it a little freebie from the author to her readers! Grab it below":

2-6-16- The There Goes the Galaxy "Yay, the Trilogy is Done!" Party

Check out the fun from Jenn's recent book party celebration. There was food, libations, costumes, and no one even got lasered!

12-13-15- Tryfling Matters, the Final Book in the There Goes the Galaxy Trilogy is Launched!

Find out what becomes of Tryfe, Bertram, Rozz, Rollie and the whole gang in this off-orbit conclusion! Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback versions:

11-9-15- There Goes the Galaxy Review on Belinda Y. Hughes Blog

The first There Goes the Galaxy novel got a supernova review from writer/editor and blogger Belinda Y. Hughes. Check it out:

2-23-15- There Goes the Galaxy 3 Update 

For those who have been wondering, Jenn Thorson has been diligently working on Tryfling Matters (There Goes the Galaxy book 3). This will be the final book in this particular story arc, though other standalone books using characters from the TGTG trilogy may be used in the future. Jenn's aiming to have the book complete at the end of 2015, barring unforeseen complications such as alien abduction or, y'know, just needing more editing. You can follow Jenn's Facebook page, Twitter or GooglePlus accounts for regular updates.

1-09-15- There Goes the Galaxy Gets Cosmic Review on BoingBoing 

Don't miss this stellar review of There Goes the Galaxy by Jason Weisenberger on BoingBoing this month!

7-04-14- There Goes the Galaxy Series Recommended on To Mince Words blog 

Blogger Ellen of the To Mince Words sci-fi book blog discusses why it's important for writers to stay away from Deus Ex Machina in sci-fi plots, and praises both There Goes the Galaxy and The Purloined Number. You can check out her post here:

6-04-14- New Zazzle Shop with There Goes the Galaxy T-shirt Options

Did you enjoy the There Goes the Galaxy books? Are you interested in a souvenir tourist shirt from the death planet Altair-5? Perhaps you'd like to showcase your support of character Rollie Tsmorlood's favorite weapon, the XJ-37 handlaser... Or maybe you've always admired the Protostar 340-K Interplanetary Cruise Vessel. Well, how you can share your passions with the Greater Communicating Universe through the medium of an Earth t-shirt. Shirts are available in a wide array of men's, women's and kids' styles, just click on a design in the Zazzle store here.

5-19-14- There Goes the Galaxy on GoodReads'/Listopia's "Top Comedic Sci-Fi Books"
Exciting news! We just learned There Goes the Galaxy is included on GoodReads'/Listopia's list of "Top Comedic Sci-Fi Books." As the list is reader-voted, this is a real honor. Thanks very much to those who voted! And if you're a Goodreads user who's enjoyed There Goes the Galaxy and would like to include your vote, click here. The book is currently at #113.
5-12-14- Cosmic Doodling with There Goes the Galaxy

If you were ever curious how author Jenn Thorson envisions the characters in the The Goes the Galaxy series, you might want to take a peek at this blog post on Of Cabbages and Kings, featuring some drawings she did based on the characters. Click here to take a peek into the weird and colorful world.

4-1-14- Listen to There Goes the Galaxy and The Purloined Number as Read by the Author

Check out Jenn Thorson's YouTube channel for audio excerpts of the first two There Goes the Galaxy books, as read by the author. Thrill to her noble attempt at a variety of intriguing and yet questionable accents. Find out how some of those tricky Hyphiz Deltan names are pronounced. And experience alien abduction from the safety of your comfiest desk chair. Subscribe to the channel, to be notified about new sections as they're added. Visit the channel and start your audio journey by clicking here.

2-14-14- Title for Third and Final There Goes the Galaxy Book Announced

For some people, February 14th marks Valentine's Day. For author Jenn Thorson, it was the day she was driving to work, minding her own business, when her writing brain proclaimed, "Let There Goes the Galaxy book three be called... Tryfling Matters." And so it is.

For those who have not yet read the series, the Earth is referred to as "Tryfe" by the extra terrestrial population at large, and we humans are "Tryflings." Ms. Thorson attributes finally coming up with a name for the book to a really good night's sleep and a whole lot of caffeine. She is currently working on the first draft of this last book in the trilogy.

1-28-14- De-Motivational Posters, Science-Fiction Style

Just a little bit of fun you might enjoy; the author has pulled together some There Goes the Galaxy-based inspirational posters using quotes from the book series. Click here to be suitably motivated for your latest cosmic challenge.

1-26-14- Free Short Story Based on Characters from There Goes the Galaxy

Did you know there's a short story on the Interwebz featuring characters from There Goes the Galaxy, available for your happy eyeball perusal? There is! It's called "The Hyphiz Deltan Job," it takes place before There Goes the Galaxy, and you can check it out for free on Jenn Thorson's blog, Of Cabbages and Kings. Click here.

12-13-13- The Purloined Number Listed as a Favorite Indie Book of 2013
The Purloined Number (There Goes the Galaxy #2) was listed as a reader's Favorite Indie Book of 2013 on the Mary's Write Way blog. Check out what the writer who nominated it has to say, and find out about other favorite books of the year:
11-10-13- The Purloined Number Featured on gives readers a peek at fun scenes from new books, hand-picked by the author. Today, The Purloined Number is featured. You can read it here: 

10-8-13- Jenn Thorson Interviewed at About There Goes the Galaxy series
Jenn had the fun of sitting down, well, virtually with author and book blogger Vlad Vaslyn of to talk about the There Goes the Galaxy series, writing and more. Check it out here:
10-03-13- The Purloined Number (There Goes the Galaxy, Book Two) Released!

The second book in the There Goes the Galaxy trilogy--The Purloined Number--was released today on Kindle and Nook formats. The book is also available in paperback in the US and the UK.

1-31-13- Jenn Thorson Joins Pittsburgh Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club to Discuss There Goes the Galaxy
Jenn got the cosmic opportunity to meet some great local readers of There Goes the Galaxy, who had chosen her book as their book club's read for January 2013. The book's wordplay was discussed, along with favorite scenes, questions about the writing process and the inclusion of Pittsburgh itself as a setting for some of the book's scenes.
9-08-12- A Simple Writer Blog Discovers Alien Life in There Goes the Galaxy
The book blog host of A Simple Writer gets drawn into There Goes the Galaxy's Greater Communicating Universe, calling the book, "well-written" and "enjoyable." Read the whole review here:
8-06-12- There Goes the Galaxy Once Again Available for Nook
Due to the completion of a limited-time exclusive agreement with Amazon, There Goes the Galaxy is once again available for Nook tablets! Now you can lift-off with Bertram Ludlow, Rolliam Tsmorlood and the other weird and wacky inhabitants of the Greater Communicating Universe through your favorite Nook device. Click here to order your copy today.
7-24-12- Jenn Thorson Joins Pittsburgh Book Club for There Goes the Galaxy Discussion
It was a great time for author Jenn Thorson, getting to meet a group of Pittsburgh book club readers for a question and answer session on There Goes the Galaxy. Readers had fun puzzling out-- and getting answers to-- the inspirations for various planet and character names from the book, and discussed wordplay, favorite characters and where the series would be headed in book two. It was a lovely evening with nice people, and Jenn would like to thank the group for their kind hospitality and the invitation to join them.
5-25-12- The Sci-Fi Gene's Review of There Goes the Galaxy
Fun and energetic review from the UK's The Sci-Fi Gene blog, which makes a favorable comparison of There Goes the Galaxy to Douglas Adams' Hitch-Hiker's Guide series. And ironically on Towel Day, too. You can check out the review here:
3-06-12- Transcript of Libdrone Books' Twitterchat with Jenn Thorson, Author of There Goes the Galaxy
Missed the Twitterchat on February 21 with author Jenn Thorson, hosted by Libdrone Books? No problem! You can check it out here:
2-16-12- Libdrone Books' Review of There Goes the Galaxy
Alan Jobe, reviewer for Libdrone Books, takes a gleeful, time-traveling trip to his comic sci-fi past in this review of There Goes the Galaxy. Click here to see the review:
2-15-12- Libdrone Books to Host Twitter Chat Event with Jenn Thorson, Author of There Goes the Galaxy
Join author Jenn Thorson on Tuesday, February 21, at 8:00pm EST for Libdrone Books' There Goes the Galaxy Twitter web event. You can learn more about this fun social media event at  The Twitter hashtag for the event will be #tgtg. Hope to "see" you there.
2-08-12- Sympathy for the Alien Abduction Victim: Popcorn Reads' Review of There Goes the Galaxy
There Goes the Galaxy leading man, Bertram Ludlow, would really appreciate the understanding he gets from Popcorn Reads reviewer MK. Partially, because he doesn't get a lot of empathy from anyone since his unfortunate abduction into the Greater Communicating Universe. And partially, because MK really gets his issues. Chuckle along with MK as she follows Bertram's off-orbit trials and tribulations in this enthusiastic review:
1-18-12- LL Book Review's Look at There Goes the Galaxy
Bob Cherny, a newer reviewer at the LL Book Review, offers his take on There Goes the Galaxy
1-15-12- For the Love of Lit's Review of There Goes the Galaxy
Pittsburgh book blogger Jaci of For the Love of Lit steps into the world of humorous sci-fi with her review of There Goes the Galaxy. This fun, specific and enthusiastic analysis is great read, and it's particularly entertaining coming from a book blogger who well-knows character Bertram Ludlow's hometown because she lives there, too. (No word from her whether she's ever seen aliens there, though.) Click here to check out Jaci's take on the book:
1-12-12- There Goes the Galaxy's Bertram Ludlow... on Twitter?!
Yes, it appears that in order to help people of Earth deal with alien abduction and life in the Greater Communicating Universe, Bertram Ludlow of There Goes the Galaxy has somehow figured out how to connect to Twitter. Follow Bertram for advice on dealing with alien life, better preparing for an alien abduction and other topics. Connect with him here:!/BertramLudlow
12-20-11- MoltenMercy Reviews There Goes the Galaxy
Writer and sci-fi fan Lelia Rose Foreman turns her keen author's eye to a review of There Goes the Galaxy, the novel she calls, "a great example of absurdist sf." Check out the full review here.
12-05-11- There Goes the Galaxy Sequel Title Announced
Fans of There Goes the Galaxy have asked whether there is a sequel in the works, and the answer is a great big cosmic "yes." Right now the author is feverishly tapping out the follow-up novel to the fun space fantasy novel, and it's currently entitled The Purloined Number. Has Life as Bertram Knows It on Tryfe changed beyond recognition? What has become of Bertram's cohorts in crime? And has Rozz finally figured out what an Upper Lower Lomb Casing is? Readers will discover the answer to these questions and more.
12-02-11- There Goes the Galaxy
is Now Available for NOOK
Due to some requests, There Goes the Galaxy is now available for Barnes and Noble's NOOK e-reader. 
And like the Kindle version, it's only $0.99! Click here to download your copy!
11-21-11- Jenn Thorson Interviewed by Hampton Book Reviews
Check out the Hampton Book Reviews interview with Jenn Thorson, author of There Goes the Galaxy, for a discussion on life, the Greater Communicating Universe and other things. Click here:
11-07-11- Second There Goes the Galaxy Giveaway on GoodReads
GoodReads fans won't want to miss the second There Goes the Galaxy paperback book giveaway. Join now for a chance to win one of two autographed copies of the novel. Click here for information:
11-01-11- Collected Miscellany's Book Review of There Goes the Galaxy
Launching into a few more lighthearted books from a normally pretty weighty book review catalog, Kevin Holtsberry's voyage into humorous sci-fi continues with There Goes the GalaxyClick here to read the review.
10-15-11- There Goes the Galaxy Now Available in Paperback on
The UK's sci-fi/fantasy fans who prefer to read their humorous space adventures the traditional way can now blast-off with all the There Goes the Galaxy fun in paperback, as well as ebook. Click here to learn more.
9-28-11- An Interview with Jenn Thorson
Yahoo contributor, Karen Wodke, interviews There Goes the Galaxy author Jenn Thorson, for an inside look into inspiration, motivation and the writing process. Check it out here.
9-21-11- Pittsburgh Author Launches Cosmic Comedy with New Space Adventure Book
The official There Goes the Galaxy launch press release blasted off this week. Click here to read the full release.
9-20-11- Get a Chance to Receive One of Two Free Copies of There Goes the Galaxy!
This week, Jenn Thorson and Waterhouse Press are giving away two copies of There Goes the Galaxy. More information is available at the author's blog site, Of Cabbages and Kings. Click here to check out this fun giveaway opportunity!
9-19-11- There Goes the Galaxy: Now Appearing on GoodReads Review Site
Are you reading There Goes the Galaxy? Join other readers, by sharing your progress and your opinions of the book. Your ratings do make a difference! Check out the There Goes the Galaxy GoodReads page here:
9-16-11- Print Version of There Goes the Galaxy Goes Live on Amazon
For those who enjoy curling up with a traditional paper book, There Goes the Galaxy is now available in hardcopy print version through Amazon. Order yours here:
9-9-11- Kindle Version of There Goes the Galaxy Launches
The Kindle version of the sci fi adventure book, There Goes the Galaxy, is now available. Click here to check it out! (PS- if you don't have a Kindle, does have other ways you can conveniently read this ebook-- on your mobile phone or on PC or Mac through free downloadable software.) 

For folks who would prefer a hard copy of the book, the print version has been approved and is in processing at In the meantime, you can order copies from Amazon's CreateSpace, using your standard Amazon ID and information. Click here to learn more.